Our company



Inductremp is one of the leading companies in the sale of steering bolt replacement kits in Spain. The market knowledge, toguether with the over 40 years of experience in this sector, have allowed the company to supply quickly quality products, at competitive prices to our customers.



In the beginning, the company focused on the national market, in order to adapt and position itself in the domestic market for spare parts. Later and once consolidated in the sector, Inductremp's activity gradually began to expand into the international market, allowing our replacement kits to be marketed on a European and global scale today.



The beginnings of Inductremp go back to 1980, in the city of Badalona (Barcelona). During the first years of its existence, the activity focused mainly on the performance of induction heat treatments for steel parts., both for machinery and for the industry of the automotive sector. From 1986 it was decided to expand and deepen the industrial work, so a section for machining and grinding parts was incorporated in order to offer a more personalized and complete service to our customers. Finally, from 1993 and onwards, the company specialized in the manufacture and supply of Kingpin sets for industrial and commercial vehicles.